Great picture of the coyote on the cover of CP.
Deb Rudis & Kim Titus(non-registered)
We have enjoyed your photos so much! Thanks for sharing. We met you folks in AZ a couple of times but we went to NM instead last year and were dissapointed in the spring birding. We are headed back to SE AZ next April, maybe we will run into you again. Fellow birders from Juneau, AK
Beautiful shots, Len! Your pix are stunning. Can't wait to see more! :-)
Tracie Stewart(non-registered)
Wow Len, Powerful work. Looking forward to showing with you at Keriton. in 2015. I think we will create a very dynamic show together.
Tracie Stewart
Gerda Peachey(non-registered)
Thank you for so generously sharing these wonderful photographs. You make bird identification a little easier.
Craig Owings(non-registered)
Really nice photos. Hope to see and photograph some of the same this year in BC.
sandra & Dino Cirillo(non-registered)
we met you on the Island ,your pictures are beautiful especially the birds as my husband loves the birds
Ed Hennan(non-registered)
Now that I've met you,Len, and seen some of your work, I'd say you're extremely modest about your photographic skills. I'm really enjoying going through your gallery.
Donna Watkins(non-registered)
Your photos are absolutely amazing!! I have a passion for birds from a very young age! I have had pet birds for many years, but prefer to see them wild & free! Two of my Ringneck parakeets will be starting a new adventure in November this year to live at Butterfly Garden on Vancouver Island! I am hoping it works out for them as they will be flying free inside the big dome, where there is a full range of tropical & exotic plants! I am excited for them!! After their placement, I will be left with one Ringneck female whom is very attached, & two lovebirds, that are also very fond of me as well. Thank you for sharing your treasured photos! They are all beautiful!
Alice Maryniuk(non-registered)
It was great to meet you and I love your photographs. You must be a very patient person.
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